Thursday, September 3, 2009

No More Politics as Usual

Make sure your voice is heard on September 15! Vote in the NYC Democratic primary for the candidate whose allegiance is to the people of New York City, and not the real estate industry. Vote for Tony Avella--and make your vote count for real change.
City Councilman Tony Avella spoke out against Mayor Bloomberg's unilateral overturning of term limits. Avella is fighting for greater community involvement, not the shrinking community involvement that has characterized Bloomberg's two terms. Avella stands for an education system that works for all New Yorkers, an end to the exploitation of small businesses, and the preservation of our neighborhoods--things that matter to us all. Unlike Michael Bloomberg and William Thompson, Avella has a record that demonstrates his allegiance is to New York City residents, not to the real estate industry. Put an end to politics as usual. Vote for Tony Avella on September 15 in the Democratic primary.

Saturday, July 25, 2009


There is much opposition out there to another Bloomberg term. I see it all the time. After all, he trashed democracy by extending term limits against the will of the people and he continues to promote a vision of NYC that does not include the middle class.

But people seem to believe that Bill Thompson is a viable alternative to Bloomberg. He isn’t. In a Thompson mayoralty, the real estate industry will flourish, continuing to decimate our neighborhoods with irresponsible over development; continue to get huge tax writes-offs; mom and pops will continue to close; while the average person pays more in rent, more in property taxes; more in sales taxes; more in transportation … more for just existing … more, more more.

Bill Thompson’s campaign has taken sizable contributions from the real estate industry and I wonder why the media is not reporting on this.

A quick look at the public information on the Campaign Finance Board web site, reveals most, if not all, of the big names in NYC real estate have made maximum donations to the Bill Thompson for Mayor campaign. The Milsteins, Dursts, Silversteins,Tishmans, Rudins, Fishers. The Rudins are listed for 6 separate donations of $4,950; Fishers 5 times; the Milsteins and Dursts 4 times each.

Yes, they are all there. All the bad boys.

The way they continue to have an unfair edge is that every member of the family will donate the maximum allowable of $4,950. This means their wives, husbands, children, sisters, brothers, cousins, mothers and fathers. Employees also. Anything to maintain the advantage. When the same last name is listed on this web site, it is easy to track - but most times it is not.

A conservative estimate based on last name only, reveals that donations from the real estate industry are at minimum about $108,900. This, of course, does not include members of any of these families or corporations who do not share the same last name, but whose interests are the same.

Progressive New Yorkers should be very concerned that Mr. Thompson has already sold his soul to the real estate industry – the proof is there. It is public information.

TONY AVELLA’S PLATFORM: Tony Avella, Democratic candidate for mayor has been talking about the negative influence of the real estate industry all along. Why aren't enough people listening? What about all those Fed Up New Yorkers - where are they on this issue?

On Avella’s web site Protect our Neighborhoods, Mr. Avella outlines what he would do as mayor.

  • Regulate the real estate industry.
  • Give Community Boards the force of law when they work for years drafting their own plans for their neighborhoods.
  • Stand up to the big developers who see only dollar signs when they look at our buildings and blocks.
  • Stop the inappropriate use of eminent domain.
  • Ensure that new parks are built, and that existing ones receive the proper funding.

Mr. Thompson will not be able to do this since he will be beholden to the real estate developers having already accepted their money. If he is elected mayor, it will be more of the same as under Bloomberg … maybe even worse.

LET’S BREAK THE HOLD OF THE REAL ESTATE INDUSTRY: We need to break the reign of terror perpetrated by the real estate industry. Communities should be deciding what happens in their neighborhoods - not the greedy developers.

Tony Avella is the ONLY candidate who has the guts to identify this problem and stand tall. And because of that, he has not been able to raise as much money as Thompson.

He is not the darling of the wealthy special interest groups. He is not a machine candidate or politics as usual. He is the real deal.

New Yorkers who care about the mess their city has become should vote for Tony Avella in the September primary. If we vote for a candidate who is beholden to real estate interests, we are sealing our fate. People unfortunately get the government they deserve.

We can make a difference with our vote.